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iDocMan Features

DocMan is the key for optimizing business processes, increasing performance, improvement in information storage and retrieval and preferment of customer support.

  • Capture

    DocMan uses a database to organize the documents enter to the system. Usually, the paper documents are scanned and electronic files are imported to the system. By the scan, fax and import capabilities, the organizations sure that all important information are captured and stored in a secure and central place. DocMan users can import a large variety of electronic files like Excel, Words and HTMLs to the system.
    DocMan has some unique and advanced tools to streamline the document import to the system. The capability of connecting to HODA iReadDoc and ARAXPage (The most advanced and accurate Farsi OCR) are sample of these tools.


  • Document indexing and storing

    All the documents imported to DocMan, can be described using metadata (profiles). This metadata is necessary to have the search and retrieval capabilities. The database features of DocMan enable users to add indexing data by entering profile fields and prepare them for fast searching. The fields used for profiling are defined by the system administrator in the profile management tool. There are two types of profiling in DocMan: manual by operators or automatic by DocMan itself.


  • Retrieval

    Targeted search is the fastest method to find documents in DocMan. DocMan enable users to do their searches on the profile fields, contents (ARAXPage OCR result) or annotation.


  • Document viewing and editing

    The document viewer tool is for viewing the popular file formats. Using this tool, users can view, index, annotate or edit documents.
    The versioning technique of DocMan protects a document from concurrent editing by different users at a same time. Using this capability, the different versions of a document are stores (check in, check out capability).
    The viewer tool enables users to do different annotations on image documents. Users can annotate, draw lines and freehand, highlight and stamp documents. These annotations have the security labels to view or edit only by authenticated users.


  • Document sharing and collaboration

    Information and documents in DocMan can be shared between users in a LAN or WAN network. Document sharing with others is done by print, fax, email or share in the network. Also it is possible to export documents in popular formats like PDF or TIFF, even with profiling data.


  • Secure Contents

    DocMan uses from a simple but effective mechanism to protect documents and information. Protecting is done by assigning passwords to users and set the required permissions for users.
    Also the logging tool of DocMan logs every action done by users and enable users to monitor the user’s activities.

iDocMan Benefits

The design and architecture of DocMan enable it to be applicable in different document management solutions. It helps users to capture, index, store, find, retrieve and distribute documents. By using DocMan you have the following benefits:

  • Increase in performance

    By instant and secure access to required documents and information, users are able to finish their jobs quickly. Efficient using of information will increase the overall performance and allow users to focus on their abilities and use the advantages.

  • On time and documented decision making

    As the required information are saved centrally, mangers and users sure that they access to the last version of available documents and information.

  • Fast and accurate customer support

    Using the search capabilities, support staffs can access to the required information, question answers and data queries to respond the customer needs. This will increase the customer satisfaction.

  • Decrease managing and executing cost

    Printers, photocopies, archive spaces, human staffs, transportation and maintenance costs are just few samples of cost which paper-based organizations must pay for it.
    While in this process, some document are lost, damaged, fired or used incorrectly, they will be irrecoverable. DocMan by reducing the cost of such organizations, allows them to spend the save monies in other interested areas.

  • Reducing business process cycles

    In a manual paper-based process, reviewing, assigning, studying and final approvals may take days, weeks or even months. DocMan help users to reduce this time dramatically.