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Why we offer you HODA iReadDoc to automate your data entry systems?
You can find some advantages of using HODA iReadDoc software package in list below:


Decision making in the least time

Making the best decision can be done by having accurate information in minimum time HODA iReadDoc functionalities in extracting data quickly and correctly, provides you the opportunity of making your important decisions with the most confidence.


Decreased data entry/data validation time

Reading data is done in fraction of time by using HODA iReadDoc while your customized rules for increasing data accuracy are also considered. And the workflow will be done by minimum interaction with user. It considerably saves cost and time for you.


Increased data accuracy

HODA iReadDoc uses several mechanisms to improve the accuracy of data input system up to 100%. Mechanisms such as removing noises from scanned images, internal defaults and defined business rules for validating recognized data in processing forms in addition to complete set of predefined tools for verifying data which can receive your own custom desires for increasing data accuracy.


No need to sort forms manually

There is no need to manually sort paper forms, HODA iReadDoc will do it as you want.


Electronic documents archive is in hand

Using HODA iReadDoc you have an electronic archive of images with search capabilities on each field. In other word, HODA iReadDoc give you the opportunity to be in a paperless world of information as well as the need for more paying for placing paper forms will be removed.


Improved customer services

Customer services will be improved thanks to electronic access to form images in addition to form processing time is decreased as well as data accuracy is increased through using HODA iReadDoc.


Added employees' satisfaction and efficiency

You will find HODA iReadDoc as a powerful tool to use power of your staffs as controllers instead of being only doers and through it you will provide them with a better atmosphere of job and you will be able to improve their knowledge and level of their works which will be result in more satisfaction they feel and more performance they have in the organization.


Easy to extend system

HODA iReadDoc scalability power helps you to distribute form processing through the LAN and to participate more workstations and people easily as your paper forms volume to be processed increased. We provide you a robust system for processing large documents volume.


Pay for itself within a short time

Your invest for HODA iReadDoc will be return to your organization within a very short time thanks to increased throughput up to 1000% provided by automating data input system.


Better management of manpower in the system

Using HODA iReadDoc through its Log Analyzer, you will be able to assign proper job to each employee according to its real functionalities.


Secure accessing to secret information

You can define several levels of accessibilities to different fields according to their degree of importance to avoid not allowed data accessing.