ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) technology is an advanced automatic data entry system. In this technique a computer program reads handwritten, machine-printed, barcodes and other data fields from document images automatically and saves the result on a database.

To use ICR as data entry method, you should do the following steps:


    1. Design and print machine-readable (ICR-enabled) forms

      To reach the maximum accuracy and performance in ICR technology, you need to design a special data gathering forms, which is called machine-readble forms, ICR-enabled forms or in more general terms Structured Forms. But from ICR point of view, it is not necessary to design ICR-enabled forms. ICR is able to extract data from semi-structured forms like checques and coupons. Till now, HODA System has designed and print more than 40 ICR forms for different projects. For example you can visit Iran general housing and population census 2006 for more information.

    1. Form preparation and scanning

      After gathering filled ICR forms, it is recommended to classify them on some batches based on the desired paramter (for example by date received). This is not necessary to classify forms on the form of batches, but this will streamline the whole ICR process. The next step after form preparation, is scanning. To scan forms, we offer our customers the most powerful scanner family on the market, microform scanners.

    1. Data extraction form images

      After scanning the forms, the ICR software gets the images and extracts information automatically. There are many important capabilities, an ICR software should provide. For example speed, accuracy rate, verification methods, export capabilities, monitoring and management reports.

      You can find all of these capabilities plus many more advanced features in HODA iReadDoc.

  1. Export read information to other systems

    After extarcting and verifying data using ICR software, you must transfer data to destination systems for more processing or archiving. As a first company, HODA System introduced HODA iReadDoc to the market for Farsi and Arabic languages. This product has been used successfully, in more than 20 large data entry projects. For example you can visit Iran general housing and population census 2006, for more information.