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What's OMR?

OMR is the most accurate technology to enter data into computer systems. This technology has been used in last decades in many official and business processes. To use OMR in data entry, you need to take in consideration, 3 main requirements:

  • OMR form design and print


    To use OMR as an automatic data capture solution, you need to design and print special forms to support the OMR standards. In the other hand, in OMR technology you are not able to read data from none-standard forms.

  • OMR Machine


    OMR is a hardware-based technology and you need an OMR machine to read OMR forms. In general OMR machines have 1 or 2 OMR heads (for single-side or double side forms) and maybe equipped with barcode reader heads.

  • OMR Software


    To define the location and type of the data fields on the OMR forms, connect to OMR machine and receive read data, you need a software application.

    HODA System offers to the customers, the best choices for these requirements.