In the field of automatic data entry systems, based on the OCR, ICR and OMR technologies, we offer you the most powerful solutions available on the market. For more information about our products, please use the following links.



Arax Page

ARAXPage is the most powerful Farsi OCR software available on the market. Using ARAXPage you are able to convert printed Farsi and Latin texts into editable and searchable file formats, like MS-Word or PDF. Even ARAXPage is able to retain the text font and size as well as table structures. This is the first time, you have a complete OCR software for Farsi language.


HODA iReadDoc

HODA System as the first company in the region, produced HODA iReadDoc package, an ICR enabled system to automate data entry from handwritten forms. HODA iReadDoc, with a client/server architecture and parallel processing capabilities, is able to extract information from big quantities of handwritten forms, in a short time. Till now, HODA iReadDoc has been used in many data entry projects and it's accuracy, speed and reliability has been proved.


HODA OmrStudio

Based on HODA Tools-OMRStudio software and Axiome OMR machines, HODA System offers you an automatic data entry solution. Using this solution you can enter data from test or survey forms, analyze result and generate a complete series of useful reports.


HODA ScanDoc

HODA ScanDoc is a scanning software which is used in many imaging projects till now.
In 2002 this software is designed for the Axiome HEMERA scanners family. But in the recent years, the software is updated and optimized for the scanners from microform and InoTec scanners.


HODA iDocMan

iDocMan document management system enables organizations to manage all paper-based and electronic information via a reliable and robust software system.
Data capture, storage, search and retrieval are the base functionalities of iDocMan.