ARAXPage,network edition is the first Farsi OCR system which enables you to share the OCR capabilities between organization staffs. It has a reasonable price which helps you using concurrent licences schema instead of buying individual licenses.

Network edition advantages:

  • Protecting the software license is easy

    Network edition uses only one harware which will be installed on one of your network computers. So it is not necessary to have a dongle in each worksations who wants to use ARAXPage OCR.

  • Discounts

    By ordering more concurrent licenses, you will receive more discounts. So you can expand the program facilities in your organization with a reasonable price.

  • Unlimited installation licenses

    You can install the network edition on any computers, you want. There is no limitation.

  • Increasing the concurrent license after ordering

    It is possible to increas your concurrent licenses all the time after installing the network edition.

  • Professional capablities

    The newtork edition has all the functionalities of the professional edition.