HODA Tools-OMRStudio is a software environment for all OMR Technology requirements.
Using HODA Tools package, you can design and print OMR forms, read OMR data, analyze test and survey data, generate analysis reports and export results to well-known file formats and data bases.

There are three main modules on the package:
  • HODA Tools-FormDesigner

    Module for designing and printing OMR forms. You can insert drawing objects like lines, shapes, graphics as well as OMR windows and set the desired properties. Do not worry about clock marks or OMR bubbles positions, FormDesigner adjusts them automatically.
  • HODA Tools-TemplateEditor module

    Module for defining type and position of data fields on OMR forms (single and double side). There 5 types of OMR windows, you can define: Line, column, single select, multiple select and binary.
  • HODA Tools-OMRStudio

    Module for creating worksheets, connecting to Axiome OMR machines, reading data,analyzing test and survey data, generating reports and exporting read data and reports to well-known file formats and databases.

With each sold unit, HODA Tools-OMRStudio is delivered to customers by Axiome company.